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Whether you have been on a lifelong voyage and are looking for the next step, or you are just beginning to question who you are and if there is more to life than what you currently know, Martha Burgess Novak addresses all aspects of the modern day spiritual journey.

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The Teacup Prophecies by Martha Burgess Novak

The little book you hold is your hands is filled with ascended messages to life’s most pressing questions. Culled from the radio shows, teachings, writings and philosophy of Martha Burgess Novak, spiritual teacher, author, and lecturer, these answers will take you to the center of who you are as your Highest Self and, from an egoic perspective, they will challenge you to be more.

Each message is teacup size, sometimes esoteric and sometimes triggering more than a little thought. Don’t be deceived by their size, these little tidbits, they pack a punch. Rest assured, it will be your message, just for you, made possible and brought to you by… you.

Have fun with The Teacup Prophecies but take the messages seriously. God speaks to you through you and through all things and you’re the one who has picked up this book!

Sundays at 10AM, east coast time.

Join us for this live, call in show for REAL TALK about what is on your mind and in your heart. Talk with Martha directly about whatever your concerns are and get a incredibly down-to-earth and practical approach to life's everyday problems through the subject of consciousness and the deeper experience of self. Martha is a cutting edge leader in awakening and amplifying people's potential. Join us for this lively show where we never know what's going to happen next. Enjoy the show!


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Martha Burgess Novak has recently signed on as a columnist to write about greater consciousness for the new magazine, The Conscious Life Journal. The magazine comes out six times a year and her column is called Real Talk With Martha Burgess Novak.

"Hope Merrill, my publisher and I, had a good laugh over that title," Martha shares. "Hope summed me up right away. I'm a pretty straight shooter. No holding back with me so calling the column Real Talk seems to fit my personality. "I'm excited about this project," Martha states. "It's a beautiful magazine. Very polished with a lot of good psychological articles. Right up my alley. I'm looking forward to the interaction with readership, a little different from the solitary writing I do for my books and the quick give-and- take of radio. "What people can look forward to is what I always try to give: how to use spiritual principles practically in daily life, what a privilege it is to use them, what the advantages are to using them, what blocks our progress, and how to create the life you want through knowing yourself." The hardest part of writing a column like this? "Keeping it near six hundred words. Seems like a lot to the uninitiated, but I can use six hundred words up just thinking about what I'm going to write over a good cup of tea!"