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Sunday, 9/16/18 at 10AM, east coast time.

Due to bad weather from hurricane Florence and the possible downing of technology for our Sunday, September 15 broadcast, Martha will not be doing the radio show tomorrow. The show on "Cooperation" will be postponed until next Sunday, September 23rd at 10AM EST.

Sunday, 9/23/18 at 10AM, east coast time.

is about what it means to be cooperative with Spirit. How indeed do we go about aligning our conscious and subconscious minds? How indeed do we create a more powerful inner experience that creates the outer? We hope you'll join us for this important show. It is broadcast on Facebook Live and Blog Talk Radio at 10AM on Sunday morning. However, do know you can listen to all our archived shows on both these venues and on anytime you want. To our dear listeners: from time to time, because of where we do our broadcast, we have trouble with internet speed. We suggest that you be ready to switch from one venue to another if we lose a venue during a broadcast. We don't want you to miss anything.

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